Friday, January 29, 2016

LDS Face2Face Event

For the past two years the Church of Jesus Christ has done a worldwide event where general authorities answer questions from the youth. This is an event I look forward to each year. I haven't had any of my personally submitted questions but I always receive answers to questions I have. This year I was grateful that I went. I wasn't looking forward to going, I honestly wanted to go to a basketball game instead, but my parents told me no so I got over it and went. I am honestly so glad that I did.

This year they had 3 speakers who answered the questions, the first was Elder Rasband, of the 12, Sister Oscarson the General Young Women's President and the general young men's president Brother Owen. These three people are AMAZING! They have so much knowledge and faith, I loved every answer they gave. 

My very favorite part was a questions that Elder Rasband answered about missionary work. The overall answer that he gave was that we need to work on being missionaries now so that when we get into the field we know what we are doing. He also said that we need to work on our communication, and that sometimes we need to put our phones down and talk to that person in real life. This was something that really stuck with me because I always find myself texting someone and then seeing them somewhere and not knowing what to do when we have to have a legit conversation. 

Overall I loved this years face2face and I recommend it to everyone to go and watch it! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

About Me...

Just like everyone else out there I am trying to be a blogger! This is something I have been wanting to do for a while but can never seem to get around to posting stuff when I have ideas. This year is going to be different, I am going to set a goal of posting at least once a week hopefully I will be better this year and can actually accomplish that goal (fingers crossed!!). 

So I will tell you a little bit about myself, I am a 10th grader is a small town in Idaho, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love to do crafts, and I love serving others. Some of my favorite things are; cats, spending time with family and friends, and of course watching Netflix! 

This is going to be a blog of awesomeness, you could find anything from daily journal entries to #tbt's, maybe even some DIY's. I will occasionally post things that I learned at church or other things I find inspiring that I want to share with others! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Year To Remeber

This past year has truly been a great one! I haven't posted since February of last year (!!) I am have set a goal that from now on I am going to get better at posting stuff! So to start off I thought that I would do a recap of my freshman year of high school! It was by far a lot better than I thought it was going to be but it still had its ups and downs!

There have been so many great moments this year and tons of memories made, I can not even begin to tell you all of the wonderful stuff I was able to do this year, but for the sake of the length of this post I will condense it down to my TOP 3 BIG MOMENTS for the year! So lets get right into it starting with number 3. 


Disney Cruise (Spring Break 2015) #3:

Now, i know that my last post was about a cruise, and it was pretty similar so for this one I will just keep it short and talk more about my whole spring break! Since this was Kayla, my sisters, senior trip she invited one friend, and she got to pick what we did! She wanted o go to Universal Studios really bad so we did! so before we set sail aboard the Disney Dream we spent two days at Universal Studios in Florida! 

As you can see we were selfie stick pros! 
We mainly went to see Harry Potter World, but the park was awesome in general! i would give the park 5 stars! out of all the rides we went on (witch was like all of them) my all time favorite would have to be the mummy ride, i really don't know what the actual name of it was but we called it the mummy ride, it was awesome! All of the ride were great, and i would definitely go again! 

And like always the cruise part of the trip was awesome! I have never had a bad experience on a Disney Cruise, and they defiantly know haw to throw a pirate party! 


Dallas Spring Trip With Choir:

In April I was able to join with about 75 other kids from my schools choir and take a trip to Dallas! Now, some people thought I was crazy for going to Dallas, because it is only Dallas, but I had never really been and I was determined to have great time! I am so happy that I did because I really, truly think I would regret not going!

The best way to tell you about this trip it is to give you a quick summary of each day starting of course with day one, day one was just a travel day for the most part. We did make a couple of stops. Now if you live in Texas you will understand the greatness of Buc-ee's, now Buc-ee's is basically just a big gas station but for some reason it is great! after our stop there we continued our journey to our next stop witch was lunch, my friend and I had Taco Bell for lunch, and the funny thing about that is that since we were kind of running late we had to change in the i can now say that i have changed in a Taco Bell restroom! After our adventure at Taco Bell, we finally arrived in Dallas were we went to dinner then went and saw an awesome production of The Wizard of Oz!

The second day was spent at 6 Flags, witch is basically a big amusement park with all sorts of rides! It was so much fun because i had never been and I was with friends and could do what ever i wanted (within reason)! unfortunately we did not get to spend the full amount of time because of storm that came through, but once we got back to the hotel we all got our pajamas on and then all went down to the lobby and played games and hung out! it was lots of fun!

The third was another travel day other than we went to the House of Blues Gospel this was something i had never done and it was something! I had never been so surprised at what happened, I was not expecting it at was insane, there are not enough words to describe it, it was awesome but it was also surprising! then after that we continued on our way home!

Now the time you have all been waiting for...*drum roll* 


Youth Conference 2015: 

Youth conference was one if the best weekends of my life! For youth conference we were able to do a service project with the city of Houston, where we were each given a different area and we got to help lean up that area and make it look nice! 

My group was assigned to help repaint a local chapel, when we arrived at the chapel it was in really bad condition, but we all put a smile on our faces and got right to work! it took us a long time to paint the church, only because it was in really bad shape and we were not as focused at some points as we were others! But in the end we all ended up with more paint on our clothes then on the church!

The finished product!

 After we had lunch we were told to go and work on a cemetery, now when I saw the cemetery i was SHOCKED! It did not look like a cemetery at was very bad. But once again we all just got right to work and made it look so much better than before! 

My awesome family! 

Well, there you have it! My top 3 big moments of the year! Starting next week I am going to try to post more about what i am doing! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Long Time No See!

  It has been a really, really long time since i last posted something so I thought i would fill you in on what has happened so far! Well where do i start? Okay,  well to start off I have been having a really good 8th grade year and I am really enjoying choir, I got the opportunity to be in the advanced treble choir and it is such a great experience and so much fun!

   I just recently turned 14 (in november), witch means I can now go to church dances! I had been waiting for so long to go to one because they seemed like so much fun. My first dance was the New Years Eve dance. It was nothing like i expected it to be! It was still a lot of fun but at the same time not! But i knew there would always be more, and of course there are. Last weekend I got to go to the Valentines dance and it was SO much better than the New Years Eve one by like 100 times! 

   The last thing I will share with you is about the last Disney Cruise that i went on with my family and our friends The Slattery's. Disney cruises are always so much fun, and it never disappoints! 

   We cruised on the Disney Wonder, one of the smaller boats. We went on the 7 day Bahaman Cruise. We made stops in Key West, Florida, Disney's private island Castaway Cay, and Nassau, Bahama and including three days at sea. Every stop brought new adventure and lots of FUN!

   We did so many fun activities such as snorkeling, and feeding the sting rays. As always we had to play bingo! We did not win any big cash prizes but we still won some $$!  Everything we did was a great experience, and I loved every moment of it, it was sad to leave but i hope i can go on another one in the future! 

  In the stops that made we went to Key West, Florida! I had never been before and it was so cool to see what was there! One thing that was #1 on our to-do list for the day was visit the 'Southern Most Point' in the United States! 

  For all of you out there wondering 'what ever is the southern most point?' Well i will tell you, it is a big buoy made of concrete. It is really cool, but line just to take a picture was insane!!! Some interesting facts is that it is only 90 miles away from Cuba, and Cuba is closer to it than a Walmart, witch is 120 miles away! 

   Our next stop was to the wonderful island of Castaway Cay. Disney's private island! It was probably one of my favorite places. It is just so AWESOME! I  always enjoy spending time there even f it only for a day, witch seems more like an hour just because it is SO much fun! 
   Some of the stuff that we did was snorkeling, I did not stay out for too long because my mask was messed up and the water was really cold. It is still really cool because Disney goes out and puts different things to find, such as a hidden Mickey and even a shipwreck! It is really cool to go and see all of the different see creatures and other stuff lurking in the water! 
    One other thing we did was feed the stingrays (NO ONE WAS HARMED IN THE PROCESS OF FEEDING THE STINGRAYS), it is kind of strange at first, but after a couple of time it is not as bad! The sting rays are like vacuums, they come by your had and swipe up the food! 
I could not find any good pictures from castaway cay so i will just share this one! 
  Our next and last  'port of call' was in Nassau, now really the only SAFE thing to do in Nassau os shop and so that is what we did! It is a really pretty place but kind of scary as well. It was still lots of fun,and we got to see lots of crazy thing that people made and sold it was really cool! 

 So that is what has been happing in my life! I am really going to try to post stuff more often, i just always seem to forget, so i won't make any promises!