Monday, February 24, 2014

Long Time No See!

  It has been a really, really long time since i last posted something so I thought i would fill you in on what has happened so far! Well where do i start? Okay,  well to start off I have been having a really good 8th grade year and I am really enjoying choir, I got the opportunity to be in the advanced treble choir and it is such a great experience and so much fun!

   I just recently turned 14 (in november), witch means I can now go to church dances! I had been waiting for so long to go to one because they seemed like so much fun. My first dance was the New Years Eve dance. It was nothing like i expected it to be! It was still a lot of fun but at the same time not! But i knew there would always be more, and of course there are. Last weekend I got to go to the Valentines dance and it was SO much better than the New Years Eve one by like 100 times! 

   The last thing I will share with you is about the last Disney Cruise that i went on with my family and our friends The Slattery's. Disney cruises are always so much fun, and it never disappoints! 

   We cruised on the Disney Wonder, one of the smaller boats. We went on the 7 day Bahaman Cruise. We made stops in Key West, Florida, Disney's private island Castaway Cay, and Nassau, Bahama and including three days at sea. Every stop brought new adventure and lots of FUN!

   We did so many fun activities such as snorkeling, and feeding the sting rays. As always we had to play bingo! We did not win any big cash prizes but we still won some $$!  Everything we did was a great experience, and I loved every moment of it, it was sad to leave but i hope i can go on another one in the future! 

  In the stops that made we went to Key West, Florida! I had never been before and it was so cool to see what was there! One thing that was #1 on our to-do list for the day was visit the 'Southern Most Point' in the United States! 

  For all of you out there wondering 'what ever is the southern most point?' Well i will tell you, it is a big buoy made of concrete. It is really cool, but line just to take a picture was insane!!! Some interesting facts is that it is only 90 miles away from Cuba, and Cuba is closer to it than a Walmart, witch is 120 miles away! 

   Our next stop was to the wonderful island of Castaway Cay. Disney's private island! It was probably one of my favorite places. It is just so AWESOME! I  always enjoy spending time there even f it only for a day, witch seems more like an hour just because it is SO much fun! 
   Some of the stuff that we did was snorkeling, I did not stay out for too long because my mask was messed up and the water was really cold. It is still really cool because Disney goes out and puts different things to find, such as a hidden Mickey and even a shipwreck! It is really cool to go and see all of the different see creatures and other stuff lurking in the water! 
    One other thing we did was feed the stingrays (NO ONE WAS HARMED IN THE PROCESS OF FEEDING THE STINGRAYS), it is kind of strange at first, but after a couple of time it is not as bad! The sting rays are like vacuums, they come by your had and swipe up the food! 
I could not find any good pictures from castaway cay so i will just share this one! 
  Our next and last  'port of call' was in Nassau, now really the only SAFE thing to do in Nassau os shop and so that is what we did! It is a really pretty place but kind of scary as well. It was still lots of fun,and we got to see lots of crazy thing that people made and sold it was really cool! 

 So that is what has been happing in my life! I am really going to try to post stuff more often, i just always seem to forget, so i won't make any promises!